Thanks for checking out my digital portfolio. Below you’ll find out what I’ve been up to and some of my interests. 

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Brodie Helms

Product enthusiast

I’ve been in love with technology for as long as I can remember. I would make the extreme case of an early adopter; when I was in 7th grade, I stood in line for hours just for the opportunity to buy the first generation iPhone that had 2G and no Apps. 📱

Fast-forward a few years, and I’ve built a career in shipping quality digital products to millions of people globally. I enjoy being able to improve lives at scale. If you’ve used the Notifications, Profile, Messaging, or Search features of Linkedin, you may have run into a few of my products! 👨‍💻

Brodie Helms presenting (alongside Reinelle Kua)
Work Experience


TPM, 2018-2021
TPM Intern, 2017

TPM for Consumer Engineering team. Coordinated cross-functional development for a host of teams to continuously launch products that reached several hundred million of people monthly.



Co-Founder, 2022-

Deckhand offers a new way to manage personal relationships -- it can incorporate multiple people's interests and preferences and return context-appropriate recommendations.


Redmont Digital

Co-Founder, 2021-

Redmont Digital offers clients a way to reach their digital potential -- the agency focuses on consumer trends and preferences to deliver converting digital experiences.


Technophile at Heart


Javascript, Python, Flutter, SQL

Figma, Sketch, Balsamic, Adobe XD

Jira, Tableau, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Smartlook

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